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Instagram by Keylan Qazzaz; Alduin, from Skyrim


As a hurt bird into brambles I flew;

turned my face sunward, eyes watered with dread

and watched it soar, that warped cross of sinew,

casting its circle as its wounds rained red.


Cloud of teeth from which blazing torrent burst,

chastened treetops that proudly pierced the sky;

as charry toothpicks tumbled, I squirmed, cursed –

but it calmed and marked time with wing beat, sigh.


Then, thrall to dogged gravity, it fell

as mountains’ faces crumble: with sublime

tumult. The air was spiked with blood’s hot smell.

Dust billowed, I bellowed. Its eyes found mine.


Lashes languid, spirit dropping away

as softly as silk from smooth shoulders slips,

the creature gathered its last breaths to assay

sound, and heaved syllables through sooty lips.


When that valiant heap began to sing,

I rose and ran to serve a dying king.

Should a six foot tall woman wear 4″ heels? I’ve been sore afraid of towering over others since I was a wee lassie…and definitely got the memo that soaring heels are the purview of the short n’ sassy.

Gah! Why squander precious life energy
fretting about such things?

Instagram by Keylan Qazzaz

Cheetah platform sandals by Sam Edelman

By Thor’s Hammer!  If the shoe fits your slender but er, um, size 12 feet, and makes your heart sing, WEAR IT and get thee to the Ball! Or accessorize with a mischievous smile and hit the grocery store. Consider it a social experiment and see what happens! WOOOOOOOOOT!

Foxy shoes for size 12ish feet may be discovered at:

The always elegant and well edited Nordstrom
Super service and super site Zappos
Pricey, classic, occasionally fabulous J. Crew

I’m so grateful I don’t have to veil
I can drive, own a car, house
drink my tap water, vote, blog, picket
my electricity is pretty darn near constant
there are trees where I live and a mix of people, so many different people!
and good amazing beautiful food;
reasonable facilities, opportunities
I worship as I like

Instagram by Keylan Qazzaz

Instagram by Keylan Qazzaz

Yes, we have dumbass stuff, ugly stuff
heartrending, squandered opportunities
to be greater, nobler, wiser, more creative, more productive, more fair, more generous
but we are lucky to live here.


Fire hydrant, looking down from above.

Instagram by Keylan Qazzaz

Instagram by Keylan Qazzaz

Gorgeousness is everywhere. WOOT!

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